History Moment:

The original town of Castle Gate was named after the two stone towers that stood over it that resembled a "castlegate."

The town of Castle Gate was robbed of its payroll by Butch Cassidy and Elza Lay in 1897. The Posse formed out of Castle Gate to chase down these two notorious Outlaws... and ended up in a firefight with the Emery County Posse. Unfortunately, by the time that these two posses were showing great intelligence and greater amounts of flying lead and dead horses -- Butch, Elza and their accomplices were already back in Robbers' Roost with most of the loot.

But that's another story that will appear on this website in time, cooinciding with the debut of the book (5th in a series) written by local historian, museum director and SASS member SueAnn Martell... in the mean time, her newest book Rails Around Helper is available here. The second book is currently underway and will detail more on the actual town of Castle Gate and its history. It will be in stores Fall of 2008 or available at Image Replicas Mercantile.

The Castle Gate Towers
Nowadays, the Castle Gate Posse (also called the Castlegate Posse) is a Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) group that operates out of Carbon County, Utah. Now located a few miles southwest of Price, Utah the Castle Gate Town is a Cowboy Town Shooting Range at Carbon County's North Springs Shooting Range.

For now, the Castle Gate Posse web site is closed by its owner Teply Graphic Arts & Publishing, LLC.

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SASS Chapter in Carbon County,
The Balanced Rock Regulators.


Formerly the Castle Gate Posse (or Castlegate Posse), things changed as that group suffered from personality, legal and operational/proceedural issues. In June of 2007, 4 of the 6 Officers resigned from the old Posse and formed the completely SASS sanctioned and fully insured Balanced Rock Regulators, LLC. Operating out of Helper, Utah and using Carbon County's North Springs Shooting Range, the Balanced Rock Regulators operate as... castle gate utah price carbon county posse single action shooting range Helper single action shooting society castle gate shooting range north springs cowboy action shooting society carbon county north springs SASS price utah north springs castle gate SASS north springs shooting range SASS castle gate cowboy action shooting Helper posse north springs castle gate shooting range SASS posse north springs shooting range Helper carbon county north springs utah